Our Approach

Talk to one of The History Factory’s clients and before long you’ll hear not only about what we’ve done for them, but that we have a process for getting it done.

The discipline that grew out of our consulting, technological and library sciences backgrounds sets The History Factory apart. We recognized that it’s impossible to consistently deliver the highest-quality products and services without a scalable process.

We have a growing set of methodologies and resources in our heritage management toolkit. Many of those tools have much broader applications. For example, our Vision and Alignment Session has been licensed by a Fortune 500 financial services company for strategic planning, and our LuminARC digital content management system is regularly used for our clients’ broader CMS needs.

Our clients want results on time, on budget, without delay or confusion. We understand that it’s not just what you do that counts. It’s how well you do it.

“In addition to the storytelling and design capabilities they brought to the project, The History Factory also offered a structured, clearly defined phased approach for working with us and our partners. The result was a project that met our communications objectives while allowing us to focus on other priorities.”

-Client, Chief Communications Officer, Financial Services Firm

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