You don’t have the time or extra resources to spend hours poring over old manuals, publications, photo files or meeting minutes looking for that critical piece of information. You need access now.

In many cases, the assets stored in a typical digital asset management solution are no better than poorly marked boxes in an old warehouse. If the assets weren’t fully and accurately described when originally entered into the system, chances are you won’t find what you’re looking for when you need it. With the LuminARC Digital Heritage Management System, we maximize the chances that you’ll find exactly the information you seek.

LuminARC is The History Factory’s digital heritage management solution. We use LuminARC throughout our archival services process to discover, conserve, catalog, digitize, physically store and systematically update your organization’s assets.

At the heart of LuminARC is an intuitive web-based solution that is not software-dependent. It’s custom designed and outfitted for your organization.

You determine who gains access to LuminARC. Choose to limit the LuminARC website to a single user or to employees only. You can also open up aspects of your vast historic resources to customers, vendors or the general public. And because LuminARC is a hosted solution, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of patches and upgrades.

LuminARC provides a secure, complete digital backup of your assets. It’s the ultimate in permanent protection.

“LuminARC is used throughout our archival service process to conserve, catalog, digitize, store and systematically update an organization’s assets.”

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