A traditional timeline approach to corporate history often answers the question “What happened?” But when you watch a movie, read a book or listen to a compelling anecdote told by a friend, you’re not wondering, “What happened?” You’re wondering, “What happens next?” That’s the hallmark of a good story told well.

A successful organization has been through the ups and downs, wins and losses and dramatic upheaval of any brave hero of print, stage or screen. There’s a great story there that should lead an audience to the most compelling question of all: “What happens next?”

The History Factory tells an organization’s story with techniques as time-tested as Homer, Shakespeare and the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Our StoryARC™ methodology results in a narrative of your organization that is not only informative, but genuinely entertaining.

The Art of Storytelling

“People are 22 times more likely to remember and internalize a “story” as opposed to a series of facts or bullet-points.”

—Jerome Brunner “Actual Minds, Possible Worlds”

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