We’ve never done anything like this! Where do we start?

We understand! Most companies who contact us haven’t, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re here. Send us an email at info@historyfactory.com to schedule an initial conference call. Better yet, give us a call now at 703.631.0500 and tell the receptionist that you’d like to speak to someone about how The History Factory can help you. We’re sure that your time will be well spent and we will help you get started!

Can you send me more information?

Here in the Resources section there is a broad range of downloadable materials including brochures, case studies, white papers and one-sheets about our products and services.

Can you send me some book samples?

We don’t send book samples before getting to know a prospective client. Respect for our clients’ intellectual property, limited availability and cost considerations for sending books, as well as our interest in first understanding more about a prospective client’s needs and interests are all reasons why we prefer to start with a conversation. After we speak, we will be happy to arrange web access to sample page spreads and excerpts so you can review the quality of our work.

Can you send me some case studies?

We have a recent and diverse set of case studies here in the Resources section. Additional case studies can be made available following a conversation to better understand a prospective client’s needs or interests.

Can you send me a proposal or estimate for a….?

Yes, after a discussion to identify your needs and how we can best serve them. As a relationship-driven agency, we do not send proposals without first meeting with prospective clients.

Does The History Factory require archival clients to use its LuminARC™ Digital Heritage Management System?

No. Although LuminARC™ is available and often a good solution for clients, there are many software applications and tools we can work within.

Does The History Factory require that clients store their materials offsite at The History Factory’s location?

No. Although our facility is available and often a good solution for clients, we do not require that the materials be stored offsite at our location

How secure is The History Factory’s archival storage facility?

Our archival storage facility is highly secure and is compliant with many Fortune 100 companies’ post-911 security protocols. Access to the facility is restricted to our professional archivists who work with the collections daily. The archives are stored in a climate-, light- and humidity-controlled environment, and are kept in archival stacks with appropriate preservation containers and materials.

Does The History Factory offer scanning and digitization services?

Yes, but generally only as a part of a broader solution. Converting materials from analog to digital format has limited value without the associated capability to make those materials accessible through a search functionality. Our primary value proposition is helping clients to access those assets, so we do not offer pure scanning or digitization services as a stand-alone offering. We also rarely recommend that all materials are digitized.

Can The History Factory come in and teach one of our staff members how to manage and update our archive once it’s set up?

Yes. However, because archiving is a specialization, we strongly recommend that a professional archivist maintain and update any corporate archive. We have a full-time staff of professional archivists who manage corporate archives on a daily basis, and we are connected with a network of archivists around the country.

What kind of people do you hire at The History Factory?

We look for smart, driven, responsible and highly ethical people with a passion for history and business that can thrive in a client-focused corporate environment. Specific experiences and skill sets are based on open positions which can be found here.

Do you work with freelancers?

Yes, The History Factory utilizes a mix of both full-time staff and freelance talent. Contact us at careers@historyfactory.com to be considered.

Does The History Factory offer paid or unpaid internships?

The History Factory does not have an ongoing internship program, but we do offer internships for the right candidates from time to time. Contact us at careers@historyfactory.com to be considered.

Does The History Factory offer historical research assistance for free?

We receive a lot of business history research inquiries. The History Factory does not provide services to non-clients or the general public.