Founder’s Message

The History Factory is unique in that we didn’t emerge from an existing business paradigm. From the outset, we were independent thinkers with a passion for an untested idea. We were naïve, stubborn and impatient. Nobody could tell us that history wouldn’t work as a management tool for competitive organizations.

Our business was built by great clients who gave us opportunities and encouraged us to develop, test and improve our core competencies. We learned by working together. As more and more organizations claimed to be client-centric, we didn’t know that there was any other way to conduct ourselves.

We are grateful for colleagues who subscribe to our vision and have contributed to the overall success of the enterprise. They have done far more than simply build our business. They have created an applied history industry. Today, our people are extending our vision of heritage management as leaders in academia, cultural institutions and business.

Finally, we don’t believe that status quo is an option. We continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients, creating new solutions and skill sets. But what will never change is our adherence to substance and integrity while pushing boundaries to create the most highly innovative applications of heritage to meet business challenges.

If you’re part of The History Factory story, thank you. If you’re not, we look forward to telling you more about it.