How Big Is Your Desk?

A recent Financial Times article chronicled the history of office culture through the history of the desk. The “legless box” lugged around by the mid-15th century scribe spoke nothing of comfort. The modern, ergonomically designed desk of today was created with comfort in mind, but seems void of personality. What cultural values does your desk…

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Go Quaker Oats Go

In a recent Brandweek article, I noted how, after the immediate shock of the Depression had sunk in, the best of the early 30s–era advertisements shifted to an optimistic message that said, “It’s time to begin preparing for the future.” I’d be flattering myself to say that the marketers at Quaker Oats read my comment…

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“We Make History”

That’s what I tell people when asked what The History Factory does, and I get a smile or laugh more often than not.Stephen Colbert and friends, rest easy; I’m sticking with my day job.Which leads to…Just what does The History Factory do, really?Truth be told, we help companies and organizations put their history and heritage…

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