Reflections at 10

This week marks my 10th anniversary at The History Factory. Ten years is a long time to stay at one place, especially since it seems that today’s young professionals are likely to have several different careers over a 30-year span, let alone work for multiple companies in the same industry.   I’ve been fortunate enough…

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Your Father’s Muzak

Companies struggling for brand recognition might look enviously at Muzak, whose pithy name is instantly recognizable across America as the company responsible for the generic-sounding music heard in office buildings and waiting rooms. The problem—as NPR reports—is that Muzak has been trying to rebrand itself. But its 75-year-old history keeps getting in the way. Elevator…

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Old Is the New New

ESTABLISHING SHOT: streets of Washington DC. Hazy late afternoon. A flurry of police lights flash by, switching from red to blue faster than Arlen Specter. PAN UP to high above Connecticut Avenue and move THROUGH the windows of an office tower into INT. THE OFFICES OF THE HISTORY FACTORY – DAY A small and dedicated…

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