Infoblox is an industry leader in Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol(DHCP) and IP Address Management (IPAM) services, which are known collectively as DDI. Founded in 1999, Infoblox has changed the way enterprise networks are managed and secured. Customers use the company’s solutions to create secure, dynamic networks, manage these networks efficiently and monitor network growth.

In 2012, Infoblox moved into a new corporate headquarters. The company’s leadership had a vision for a future-focused permanent exhibit that illustrated the company’s history of innovation and its value to the industry and the customer.

Infoblox’s conversations with The History Factory quickly uncovered the fact that, in addition to chronicling the company’s history of innovation, Infoblox would also benefit from creating a space that highlights the company’s emphasis on innovation for the future. These goals laid the framework for Infoblox’s exhibit program.


The History Factory worked with Infoblox to develop and implement a multi-phased engagement to create an exhibit for Infoblox’s headquarters. Key components of the engagement included:

  • Interviews and working sessions with Infoblox leadership and stakeholders to define success and uncover critical insights
  • Storyline development to outline core stories aligned with goals, audiences and messages
  • Message mapping and conceptual design development for the headquarters exhibit
  • Museum-quality production and installation of an exhibit at Infoblox’s corporate headquarters


Infoblox has a new, future-focused permanent exhibit in the mezzanine of its San Jose headquarters. The exhibit outlines Infoblox’s history of innovation and focus on the future while also making its products relevant and relatable. The exhibit functions as a component of new employee onboarding, an education tool for potential investors and customers, and a space for large employee gatherings. Infoblox also has enduring, evergreen storylines with supporting content that can be repurposed and used for a broad range of marketing and communications applications.

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