Little League Baseball


As the organization’s 75th anniversary approached, executives at Little League Baseball knew they had a great story and an excellent opportunity to differentiate the Little League brand. Their organizational history encompassed a range of people and places—from U.S. presidents to international players—and they needed an anniversary approach that would reflect their expansive audience and engage their heritage through multiple mediums.

They sought guidance from The History Factory to help them develop key strategies, focus and prioritize their anniversary opportunities, develop strategic and tactical insights, and create an anniversary master plan.


Using our Clear Line Of Sight™ methodology, we facilitated a process that enabled Little League’s leadership to identify critical audiences, fine-tune strategic objectives, and define benchmarks for a successful 75th anniversary.

The resulting anniversary master plan focused on the unique attributes that differentiate Little League Baseball from other youth baseball and sports organizations. Centered on the theme “Little League—Big Legacy,” the plan was thorough, targeting diverse, global audiences with a multidimensional strategic approach.

The plan called for an overhaul of Little League Baseball’s website and the creation of a 75th anniversary logo, a digital press kit, an integrated social media campaign, a PBS documentary, anniversary toolkits designed to help volunteers celebrate in their communities, a Little League alumni participation program, an online clock counting down to the anniversary day, and a collection of evocative stories of “Major League People.”


Using the tools produced by The History Factory, Little League Baseball turned the anniversary plan into a successful campaign. “Little League—Big Legacy” grabbed the attention of local and international media alike, gaining coverage from outlets like ESPN and Parade magazine. The campaign also garnered the support of more than 20 sponsors, many of whom signed-on early in the campaign. The documentary premiered to broad acclaim and inspired community events, appearances and panels, while local leagues celebrated around the globe.

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