Norfolk Southern


In September 2004, Norfolk Southern Corporation’s chairman announced that he wanted his longtime dream of building a museum realized. The challenge? Completing the museum before the chairman retired in January 2006.


Already working with Norfolk Southern, The History Factory urged its client to begin the museum project with a planning phase to help achieve time and cost efficiencies. The History Factory embarked on a four-month master planning phase to understand the company’s strategic objectives for building a museum and to develop an interpretive and design road map for the museum exhibits. After obtaining approval of the plan, The History Factory began implementation which included all curatorial tasks, design, fabrication and installation.


The result? In December 2005, the Norfolk Southern Museum in the company’s headquarters in Norfolk, Va., opened to the general public. Clothing, tools, locomotive and train parts, signage, maps and advertisements are among the more than 500 images and artifacts dating to the 1830s that are showcased. In addition, the museum includes an audio program of various famous locomotives and visitors can drive a real locomotive simulator formerly used to train Norfolk Southern engineers. The History Factory developed a new, narrated, plasma screen-based interactive program for the simulator that allows visitors to experience the thrills and challenges of operating a locomotive.

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