Dead Livelihoods

I’m smitten with imagery lately. Perhaps it’s our work on Adobe Photoshop’s 20th anniversary, but these days I’m hitting the Google image search like an all-you-can-eat buffet, and find myself clicking on those image-centric links I might ordinarily ignore. If it’s true a picture says a thousand words, and our ADD culture is increasingly moving…

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Wear It Well

On a Sunday in mid-September, I flipped on the Jets-Titans game, only to see two teams that looked completely unfamiliar. Instead of the Jets’ green/white jerseys versus the Titans’ navy/powder blue, facing each other at the line of scrimmage were navy/gold and blue/white/red . . . with oil derricks on their helmets! What’s more, the…

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Reflections at 10

This week marks my 10th anniversary at The History Factory. Ten years is a long time to stay at one place, especially since it seems that today’s young professionals are likely to have several different careers over a 30-year span, let alone work for multiple companies in the same industry.   I’ve been fortunate enough…

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