Brooks Brothers’ Rich Heritage Dazzles in ‘Gatsby’

All organizations at one point or another will encounter a unique chance to leverage their heritage. Whatever form that takes—a strategic partnership, a political or social reason, or an internal opportunity—companies should be prepared for it. But they don’t often have the resources to capitalize on the opportunity. And when that happens, a better-equipped competitor…

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What Is in a Name?

When I got married a few years ago, I faced an identity issue common to many modern women—do I change my last name? While the emotional, family-oriented side of me felt that building a new life with my husband most certainly meant that I would share his name, the ambitious, career-oriented aspect struggled with the…

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Your Father’s Muzak

Companies struggling for brand recognition might look enviously at Muzak, whose pithy name is instantly recognizable across America as the company responsible for the generic-sounding music heard in office buildings and waiting rooms. The problem—as NPR reports—is that Muzak has been trying to rebrand itself. But its 75-year-old history keeps getting in the way. Elevator…

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