Moving forward as an organization means understanding your heritage and using it. At yesterday’s Start With the Future and Work Back lab, a part of Chicago Ideas Week, Bruce led a presentation and workshop to explain just how this can be done.

At the start of the lab, Bruce led participants back through the history of our event host, Workspring. Attendees traveled from room to room, gathering details about the company’s history along the way and built an understanding about our Start With the Future and Work Back methodology during Bruce’s presentation. They were able to practice these new tips and strategies during the interactive case study that followed, in which they selected highlights from Boeing’s history to shape a compelling story suitable for today’s audiences.

During the Q&A session, Bruce addressed topics such as involving employees and the community to gather key details and oral history material, and offered advice for thoughtfully contextualizing the story of a global organization, while recognizing similarities and differences.

After viewing our photo gallery, watch part of Bruce’s presentation from a previous Start With the Future and Work Back session here. Many thanks to our hosts at Workspring, our Chicago Ideas Week volunteers, and all of our attendees!


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