COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project
and Custom Real Time History

A free, crowd-sourced repository containing hundreds of assets where business leaders share their thoughts and plans for economic treatment and recovery.

The COVID-19 Memory Project is the ultimate expression of what History Factory has worked 40 years to perfect: a comprehensive resource that helps businesses put the past and present into perspective in order to better chart the way ahead.

Use this free platform to learn from—or contribute to—articles, images and videos that provide important information and insights on how the business community is responding to the current pandemic.

Content is organized into four categories:

  • Leading in a Crisis
  • The Changing Nature of Work
  • Service and Community
  • Business on the Front Lines of the Pandemic

If you find the general content archived within the COVID-19 Memory Project valuable, we can help your company quickly and efficiently customize a bespoke platform using History Factory’s proven Real Time History Program.

In addition to capturing your company’s organizational and human responses to the COVID-19 crises, this program establishes valuable muscle memory for the real time capture of future initiatives. It’s a resource you can refer to time and again to provide insights and inspiration for dealing with the opportunities and inevitable uncertainties that lie ahead.

For more information on the Real Time History Program, contact us at
(703) 631-0500 or [email protected]