Books and archives are important for uncovering the past, but to really understand history, it helps to go beyond what’s already been written. Down the road from The History Factory in Potomac, Maryland, history teacher Glenn Whitman has been helping his students learn exactly that. The latest class of juniors at St. Andrews Episcopal School presented their oral histories last month:

Colorful display boards lined the walls of the school’s MacDonald Hall, telling the stories of those who had lived through such momentous historic events as the Holocaust, the Lebanese Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. “As our surroundings attest tonight, there is no shortage of interesting people to interview, in fact, each of us has a story to tell,” Whitman said.

Curious as to what they found? Check out all twelve years of student oral histories at the Maryland Digital Cultural Heritage page. Included are several interviews with people who experienced the Great Depression firsthand—a timely reminder that we’ve been here before.