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Company Publications: 10 Things You Need to Know

With hundreds of books and other publications to our credit over the past 40 years, History Factory is uniquely positioned to share insights on what you need to consider when thinking about commissioning or writing a company history book. Here are my top 10 “things you need to know”—based on… Read More

Preparing to Improvise, Start with the Future and Work ALL the way Back

Last Wednesday, I arrived at Washington and Lee University, in Lexington, Virginia, to offer a guest lecture for Professor Caleb Dance’s undergraduate course, “Improvisation and Performance Culture in the Ancient World.” The class examines improvisation’s fundamental role in the overlapping art forms of storytelling, public speaking, theater… Read More

Why Do We Say ‘Straight from the Horse’s Mouth’ When Horses Don’t Speak?

Six hours before American Pharoah ran away with the Triple Crown, I was lucky enough to meet William Nack, author of Secretariat: The Making of a Champion, a man who gambled his career on a biography of a horse and won. Nack sat on the “Biographies of Non-Persons” panel… Read More

Corporate Storytelling: the 7 Tips for Audience Engagement #7 – Setting Up the Sequel and Writing Your Future

We talked about the shape of stories, discussed the raw materials of corporate narratives, and looked at how to develop different stories for different audiences. We discussed where Act I should begin and how to develop drama in Act II. And we dove into the… Read More

Corporate Storytelling: the 7 Tips for Audience Engagement #6 – Crafting Details and Scenes, not Dates and Statistics

Remember that interesting couple you met at the party, the ones from my last blog installment? Well, picture this: you come home from that same party and tell your wife that you’d like to invite them over for dinner sometime. “Okay, but which couple?” she replies. “We met a… Read More

Corporate Storytelling: 7 Tips for Audience Engagement #5 – Finding Compelling Drama in Challenge and Conflict

Picture this: You’re at a party and you meet an interesting couple—one of those opposites-attract duos. After a few drinks, you ask one of the all-time great storytelling prompts: “So, how did you two meet?” And they answer: “Oh, well, 10 years ago we saw each other on a… Read More