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How to Use Heritage Content to Connect and Collaborate with Stakeholders

How is the American Antiquarian Society, one of the country’s largest and oldest preservers of rare books and broadsides, connected to tattoo artists? Well, if you scroll through the society’s Instagram account, you’ll find a visual treasure trove of nostalgia: a digital vault of eighteenth-century ephemera, including a woodcut print of… Read More

Fine Lines: 3 Ways to Transform Your Company’s Outdated Timeline

Content and composition can have a significant impact on the value of a company’s timeline. Part one of this blog series identified common missteps and challenges companies face when assembling their organization’s past. We pick up the conversation by exploring trends and strategies that can… Read More

Fine Lines: Why Company Timelines Often Fall Flat

For historians and managers alike, timelines can be extremely useful. Timelines inherently show change over time and can help us visualize when, where and why things happen, whether we’re identifying economic cycles and periods of innovation or reviewing progress on an internal team project. When… Read More

From Franklin to Philanthropy: A History of Altruistic Storytelling

The idea of philanthropy wasn’t born yesterday, and a foundation’s ability to speak to the public didn’t begin with Facebook. As we begin building the communication programs of tomorrow, what better place to look than the creative muscle memory of our past? How have philanthropies elevated themselves throughout history in times… Read More