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An Authentic Website

It’s not every day that a company like History Factory overhauls its website. However, we felt the time was right to extend our new brand positioning and help companies understand what it means to tap into their authentic content to drive their business forward. In reimagining the site, we wanted… Read More

Adding Heritage to the Customer Experience

Customer experience optimization is the most recent marketing issue keeping C-suite executives up at night. It is estimated that negative feedback from poor customer experiences accounted for $62 billion in lost business in 2017. For this very reason, the most recognizable companies in the world are investing millions in… Read More

The Pursuit of Authenticity

Authenticity is the latest craze to seize the interest of marketers, led by ever-changing customer attitudes toward what brands they support. According to Stackla’s 2017 Consumer Content Report, authenticity is a critical deciding factor in brand choice. image: Stackala The report, based on more than 2,000 consumer… Read More

8 Ways to Promote Your Company Anniversary Using Social Media

Social media has become the great equalizer when it comes to promoting company anniversaries. The biggest brands with the largest budgets no longer have the loudest voices during an anniversary year. Instead, it comes down to creativity. Take, for example, MoonPie, a small but iconic snack brand that became the… Read More

Employing Purpose

  Millennials have made it abundantly clear that a brand’s purpose—its “reason for being”—is a significant motivator when making purchasing decisions. Brands like Toms have strong, passionate consumers who want not only the extrinsic benefits of well made, stylish clothing, but also the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing that… Read More

Authenticity Matters

According to Euromonitor International, authenticity was the “standout consumer value” of 2017. For brands in pursuit of authenticity, a company’s heritage is the ultimate resource. Whether it’s to construct a new messaging strategy, re-engage with current customers or court new ones, heritage is the necessary proof that authenticates a brand’s… Read More