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Authentic Holiday Searches


We Found It! Problem-Solving Through Archival Taxonomy and Meta-Tagging

In this article, archivist Alex Johnson explores two critical components that enable users to find and access specific archival assets: archival taxonomy and meta-tagging. The Archival Taxonomy What are archivists talking about when we refer to the taxonomy within a collection of materials that belong to a corporation, academic library… Read More

Filling in the Gaps: How to Ensure Your Archive is Comprehensive and Complete

Having a comprehensive archive is important in order for organizations to maximize their history and experiences. Archives can drive sales, marketing, legal, culture and organizational purpose initiatives. In this article, archivists Jennifer Andreola and Emilia Mahaffey share their perspective on the best way to fill gaps in a collection. Archival… Read More

Company Anniversary? 12 Things Every Marketer Should Know

Introducing History Factory’s Free Anniversary Marketing Webinar Building off The Anniversary Marketing Summit (TAMS),  History Factory’s highly successful live conference that takes place in Chicago each year, History Factory Managing Director Jason Dressel will host a free 60-minute webinar on November 14 at 1 p.m. EDT. Dressel will share… Read More

Authentic Content from the C-Suite

Ivan Seidenberg is a principal architect of Verizon Communications, Inc., having served 25 years as a senior executive of Verizon and its Baby Bell predecessors, including 11 years at the Verizon helm, first as CEO then as CEO and chairman. Working with History Factory as well as leadership… Read More

Mourning a National Treasure in Brazil

Like many of you, we at History Factory took the opportunity to switch off the news and focus on our family and friends over Labor Day weekend. However, one news item caught our attention. It took place nearly 5,000 miles away, in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil’s National Museum experienced a… Read More