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How Companies Use Authentic Content to Acquire New Customers

In today’s market, products and services quickly commoditize. Whether it is a simple consumer product or a more sophisticated business solution, differentiation based exclusively on features is insufficient to win new buyers. In awareness of this fact, marketers are focused on elevating who they are as a complement to what… Read More

Authenticity, Heritage, And Business Outcomes

We live in an age of skepticism and mistrust. Perhaps this is why marketers are constantly on a quest to find and capture “authenticity” — the 21st Century Holy Grail. Authenticity is one essential brand component that can distinguish a leader from a laggard. Consistent with the quest to establish… Read More

A Sustainable Infrastructure for Corporate Storytelling: Craft Foundational Narratives

In my last blog post, I shared the first step toward the development of a sustainable storytelling program: Confirm the Vision. The alignment achieved during this process—of program goals, target audiences, metrics and behaviors to be encouraged, and key messaging— provides the critical business lens for an organization to… Read More

A Sustainable Infrastructure for Corporate Storytelling: Confirm the Vision

In my previous blog entry, I outlined the process needed for organizations to establish a sustainable storytelling infrastructure. Today, let’s take a closer look at the first step. Unlike Field of Dreams, in which Ray Kinsella follows the voice that says, “Build it and they will come,” a sustainable… Read More

Corporate Storytelling: Getting results through a sustainable infrastructure

Storytelling is hot. New business books, journal articles, conference topics and no less than five blog posts in my inbox over the past week confirm that corporate storytelling has achieved near-hype status. Communications firms seem to be falling over themselves to demonstrate what great filmmakers, authors and The History Factory… Read More

Your future employee engagement could be in your past

Organizations invest upwards of $550 billion annually to achieve employee engagement, but 70% of U.S. employees are still not engaged.* It’s a staggering investment that has risen to boardroom visibility because research confirms that employee engagement is at the root of productivity, profitability, growth and other tangible business measures. Look… Read More