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When Creating your Corporate Archives, Don’t Build in a Vacuum

I admit it; I love history. It may be startling to hear me, a true believer, begin by saying that heritage is too important to be left only to the lovers of history. The same is true for the raw material of heritage: your corporate archives. At the… Read More

How Much is Your Brand’s Heritage Worth?

More than 115 years ago, the Ford Motor Company received orders for the first three Model As to roll off the company’s iconic assembly line in Detroit. The $1,320 generated by the sales came not a moment too soon. The fledgling company had just $223.65 left in its… Read More

Why Archives Matter

The traditional rationale to persuade organizations to build a corporate archive is that you need to do it for history; serving posterity was justification enough to open the corporate checkbook. Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to remind people of their social and communal “duty,” as companies have… Read More