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History Is More Than Just the Distant Past

March 30, 2009 • History Factory

It’s what happened five years ago, one year ago, and yesterday. And while companies need to remember lessons learned, they also must react to historic events taking place in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

We found one business that does more than respond to change—it capitalizes on it. Design Glut is the brainchild of former design students Kegan Fisher and Liz Kinnmark, who met at Pratt Institute. As Kinnmark says:

What we’re trying to do at Design Glut is capture the cultural zeitgeist and create objects that everyone can relate to. In this cultural moment, everyone is feeling the recession. It’s ubiquitous. Suddenly it’s OK to talk about losing money and being frugal, rather than previous eras in which everyone was trying to show off their extravagance.

The Dow Jones Hanky is a clever acknowledgement of today’s history, and sends a comforting message—“It’s OK to cry.” Other Design Glut products include a line of jewelry referencing the rising price of oil and its impact on American culture.
More than just creating witty products, Design Glut is becoming a forum for entrepreneurs to share their stories. Using new media tools such as a blog and daily Twitter updates, Fisher and Kinnmark believe their webzine is “an inspirational resource for entrepreneurs.”
What inspires them? Kinnmark generously shared with us some of Design Glut’s favorite pieces.

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