By Bruce Weindruch

Remember the September ritual? Stiff shirt, pressed trousers, and uncomfortable new shoes, laid out on the bed the night before the first day of school? As much as you regretted giving up the t-shirts, shorts and sneakers of summer, there was the sense of excitement for the new school year. Well, for the last few days, it felt that way at The History Factory as the team was busy preparing the launch of our new website. This is the fourth major overhaul of our website since its launch in the mid-’90s. And extending the school metaphor, we believe it’s best in class. In addition to considerable amounts of content and rich media, we’ve added a whole lot more of our own story in a timeline, a company oral history and staff bios. Then, of course, there’s the ultimate storytelling device: our new logo. For those of you who’ve known The History Factory for a while, I’m sure you’ll see the influence of our whimsical 1990s-era mark. The new logo and tagline reflect a nod to our past and project where we’re going. We hope you’ll think it’s fun and memorable. 
I’d like to give a shout out to designproject for their inspired brand development and website design, and Juice Interactive for their masterful programming. I’d also like to personally thank my colleagues Marissa Piette and Jason Dressel for shepherding the new site from inception to launch. Like breaking in those new school shoes, the process was kind if painful at first. But it was well worth it. Please, take some time and get to know our new website. We look forward to hearing what you think. Happy browsing. 
Bruce Weindruch