That’s what I tell people when asked what The History Factory does, and I get a smile or laugh more often than not.
Stephen Colbert and friends, rest easy; I’m sticking with my day job.
Which leads to…Just what does The History Factory do, really?
Truth be told, we help companies and organizations put their history and heritage to use. We help transform dusty liabilities into shiny assets.
We want our clients’ history to make a difference today, and tomorrow.
Sometimes making a difference involves researching and writing a corporate history or creating a corporate museum or museum-quality exhibit.
Events, symposia, mining company archives to educate new hires or support new products or services—the uses of history are limited by our imaginations, not by our heritage.
Use your history to change your future.
Worried that you’re not hip to history? You’re not alone. Search Bartlett’s and you get a hit list of thinkers and doers who have it in for history:

“History is more or less bunk.” – Henry Ford.
“Peoples and governments have never learned anything from history.” – G.W.F. Hegel.
“All great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice…the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” – Karl Marx.

Ouch. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the dialectical imperative?
What these quotable notables miss is plain, and even simple:
History is what you do, it is where you are going, it is where you have been. It is an asset that constantly renews itself. But first, you have to put it to work.
We make history. And so do you. Really.