Services & Technologies

The History Factory Archives Lab’s services reflect our commitment to the proper collection, preservation, processing, cataloging, security and safety of institutional assets. However, our perspective regarding the broader context of knowledge management and business needs results in a combination of services that address the strategic and execution needs of our archives clients.

Strategy Services help organizations understand the demand their organization has for the distilled knowledge unique to an archives, and the systems and processes needed to capture, pluralize and promote use in ways that have the greatest value to the business. This includes:

  • Assessments
  • Vision and Alignment Sessions
  • Physical and Digital Archives Master Planning

Program Execution Services that enable the efficient and effective development and implementation of archives-based content solutions. This includes services such as:

  • Preservation, processing and cataloging
  • Digitization
  • Discovery/collection programs
  • Targeted collection development
  • Database development and access solutions
  • Use/reuse metrics
  • SAS archival systems
  • Outsourced physical storage
  • Outreach and eduction

Use Services that facilitate the application of archival content to support business objectives. These services include:

  • On demand research
  • Proactive asset identification to support communications programs
  • Interpretive and creative services

Secure Storage Services of client archives within the Archives Lab environmentally controlled warehouse

The Archives Lab team, frustrated by the limitations of existing hardware-dependent archival software, and informed by their daily interaction with Fortune 500 clients’ research requests, collaborated with a strategic Web developer in a multiyear effort to develop LuminArc®, a cloud-based system compatible with advanced Web 2.0 standards for interconnectivity and interactivity.

LuminArc® is a complete Digital Heritage Management solution that encompasses the entire life cycle of the Archives Lab’s use-driven approach to archives It facilitates the discovery, conservation, cataloging, digitization, storage and systematic updating of an organization’s historical resources. Since the rollout of the first version in 2007, LuminArc® has become an integral part of our client’s information and communications systems, responsible for the administration of valuable resources used for strategic planning, advertising, public relations, development and litigation support.

The Archives Lab operates at the intersection of the analog and digital worlds. With a foundation built on several generations of hardware and software for scanning and digitizing physical records, we apply our deep expertise to the myriad opportunities and complex challenges of preserving, protecting and accessing electronic records. As early adapters of digitally archiving client websites in the mid-1990s, we recognized that archives weren’t just about history anymore.

In addition to the sea of digital assets that our clients create 24/7, today’s digital archives must take into account Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a wider world of social media. Over the past 30 years, the Archives Lab has scanned and digitized materials in all formats and conditions, in locations around the globe. When necessary, we work with specialized partners to ensure that projects meet the highest standards for safety, cost efficiency and quality.