Our Vision

To empower the world’s best enterprises to make history infinitely useful in pursuit of their missions.

Our Mission

To be the trusted partner of choice for enterprises that value their heritage and institutional memory.

To translate our passion, experience and expertise into results for appreciative clients.

To attract, develop, inspire and retain extraordinary people.

Our Values

Our values are not merely words on a wall or webpage. They’re the principles that guide us, the standards to which we hold ourselves, and the expectations for how we behave. Crafted using our own storytelling methodology and created with input from our entire team, our values are rooted in where we’ve been, where we are and where we aspire to be.

  • We give a damn.

    Our belief in what we do, our passion for the work, and our commitment to one another drive us. We believe that what is worth doing is worth doing well. We expect excellence from ourselves and from one another.

  • We get it done for our clients.

    We are passionately committed to creating value for our clients and exceeding their expectations. We are the storytellers and custodians of the history and archives of many of the world’s most admired organizations.

    It’s a responsibility and honor we don’t take lightly.

  • We learn from our mistakes and improve.

    Whether it’s a screw-up with a client, a poorly executed internal process, a less-than-ideal personal interaction, or a lost client prospect, we acknowledge that we’re only human. At the end of the day, we own up to our flops, shortfalls and missed opportunities. We constructively analyze, adapt and forgive, and we confidently move on.

  • We strive for balance to propel us forward.

    Art and science. Culture and commerce. Short-term and long-term. Risk-taking and restraint. Disciplined and free-spirited. Work and play. Old and new. Past and future. Embracing and bringing together the diverse and divergent enables us to evolve and grow—as individuals and as an organization.

  • We put what’s true at the center of what we do.

    Honesty, accuracy, insight and substance are at the core of our DNA. We get a rush from discovering the real-life golden nuggets that spark our creativity and make something happen. We are realistic about the practical challenges we face in our unwavering commitment to historical integrity and the realities of running a thriving business. We confront them head on, confidently, objectively and without rose-tinted glasses.

  • We have each other’s backs.

    We believe that no one should ever finish their workday feeling that their health, emotional well-being, or physical safety have been compromised. We demand a safe working environment in our workplace as well our client locations. We’re there for each other through thick and thin.

  • “We,” not “me.”

    We work together, sharing the responsibility and the spotlight, always shoulder to shoulder.

Vision, Mission and Values
Vision, Mission and Values