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Founded in 1979, History Factory is an agency that helps organizations employ their most underused assets—their history and heritage—to enhance and transform strategy, brand positioning, marketing, and communications that drive measurable results.

Founded in 1979, History Factory is an agency that helps organizations employ their most underused assets—their history and heritage—to enhance and transform strategy, brand positioning, marketing, and communications that drive measurable results.

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What We Deliver

We help our clients create a vision for the future by crafting a story no one else can tell. Properly told, this story becomes a catalyst for transformation and growth that’s a natural extension of your heritage.

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What Our Clients Say

Vice President of Special Projects

Pete Abitante

“History Factory has been involved with the NFL from the start of planning its 100th season, and played such an important role in shaping its approach and formalizing our thinking. As the 100th season comes to life, I hope History Factory understands and appreciates, with some satisfaction, the key role it played in getting this off the ground.”
Director of Strategic Communications

Carrie Johnson

“History Factory played a vital role in helping Graybar plan and implement an anniversary celebration that honored our past and fueled excitement for the future. We are so grateful for the guidance and support provided by History Factory, which helped us grow our business, achieve community service and giving goals, elevate Graybar’s brand, and tell our story in a fresh and compelling way throughout the year.”

Director of Communications and Content

Laurel Nelson‑Rowe

“I want to thank the entire History Factory team for your creativity, diligence, inspiration and expertise, from our first meeting through asset transition. Together, we developed authentic stories, tools, resources, a theme, materials and inspiration that ISACA never had before but will use and treasure.” 

Retired CEO

Ivan Seidenberg

“The word that I picked up from you that really resonates with me is storytelling. Your ability to tell stories and all the things that go underneath that.”

Senior Product Manager

Maria Yap

“What I have learned from our work with History Factory is that our brand is so much more powerful when we can connect it to our history.”

Manager, Communications & Brand History

McCaulley Adams

“You all have been wonderful partners and stellar caretakers of some of our most precious items for nearly two decades.”

Chief Communications Officer

Shannon LaPierre

“We appreciate all the guiding work you and your team did with us. It was foundational for everything that we pulled together.”

Senior Executive Vice President

Jim Dunlap

“Our leadership team and CEO are engaged, excited and already using insights in a range of communications.”

Chairman of the Board

H. Daniel McCollister

“History Factory’s attention to detail, patience and hard work are evident in the finished product, and I know our agents, customers and Home Office associates will enjoy the space for many years to come.”

Our Experience

For more than 40 years, we’ve helped scores of companies, at key transition points, imagine and implement a vision for the future that grows powerfully and organically from the heart of who they are.

Our Pro-Bono Work

Case Studies


The Verizon Story

Need to introduce a new generation to your history? Find out how Verizon increased engagement & inspired employees to connect with the brand.

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airline used its 50th anniversary as a runway for employee engagement.

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Lobby Exhibit Preserves a Heritage 11 Million Members Strong

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Global Anniversary Campaign Rallies Team Around Founder's Values

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Verizon Untethered

Publication Chronicles Innovation and Disruption at Verizon

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Anniversary Strategy Makes Victory Inevitable

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We Start With the Future and Work Back

Our approach is to help determine your company’s immediate and
long-term goals. Then we conduct in-depth research to discover relevant
chapters in your story that can serve as a catalyst for change and offer insights into how to sustain your success.

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Capture the Transformative Power
of Credibility and Authenticity

Get Real

51% of customers suspect most brands’ content can’t be trusted. Using info gleaned from real events in your history can cut through the doubts of increasingly skeptical customers.

Forge Ahead

86% of customers say they won’t support brands that feel fake. Your company’s singular history provides authenticity that can mean the difference between creating a fleeting image or a lasting reputation.


66% of employees claim they are just going through the motions. Your company’s unique achievements and vision can inspire and motivate disengaged employees.

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76% of employees believe that knowing where their company has been, and where it’s going, makes it stand out from other employers. Telling your company’s one-of-a-kind story can turn employees into important brand ambassadors.