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Archival Services

Smarter Memory Management

Whether you’re just beginning to build an archive or you already have an established collection of digital and physical assets, History Factory can help you achieve maximum ROI. Our team of certified corporate archivists offers unparalleled experience in:

  • Archival assessments
  • Audits
  • Acquisition policies
  • Digitization blueprints

For more than 40 years, History Factory has helped hundreds of organizations create and manage their archives. Our time-tested approach has been proven to:

  • Improve speed of access for users across the entire organization, using tools like our LuminARC™ database.
  • Create a practical, easy-to-use archive that becomes an invaluable resource
  • Lower costs to increase ROI

That’s why 30 major corporations currently trust us with their archives—at our own secure facilities or at our clients’ locations.

History Factory offers much more than the creation and management of corporate archives. We can also:

  • Create an oral history program to capture and document unwritten corporate history as told by C-level executives and others
  • Help you uncover and identify unique, story-rich, authenticated content
  • Provide archival research to support:
    • Media programs
    • Brand development
    • Legal and intellectual property issues

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Other Services

History Factory has pioneered a number of ways to discover, preserve, display and harness your corporate heritage to help you reach your business goals.