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Iconic Artifacts Enrich a Company’s Future Focus

Wrigley, the American chewing gum company, was working to reinvigorate its business and shift its focus back to growth following years of economic uncertainty and the company’s acquisition by Mars Inc. Wrigley wanted to show its own people how and where they fit in, increase accountability and freedom in decision-making, and use strong performance to make a positive global impact. Wrigley realized it hadn’t effectively managed its brand or heritage, and its move out of the historic Wrigley Building in Chicago created a sense of urgency: Where and how would the company store its historic materials?

Wrigley engaged History Factory to archive and digitize its collection using the proprietary LuminARC™ database. Wrigley’s historical documents and images, along with additional research, formed the basis for a 66-page story bank that tells the full story of the company while serving as an intuitive, easily accessible and searchable tool for Wrigley’s communicators. History Factory created illustrated interpretive panels using stories and key themes from the story bank, as well as historic imagery from the archives.

Our development of a more secure, better-preserved and more accessible archives gave Wrigley access to a range of authentic content without needing internal staff to maintain an archives. History Factory continually works to preserve and build Wrigley’s heritage assets. Wrigley’s long-term relationship with History Factory reflects the lasting impact of the company’s history and its value to the company.

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