Since 1979, History Factory has been driven by the pioneering idea of using history to make more informative, better-designed communications products for businesses. Today, many of the world’s best enterprises turn to History Factory for unparalleled expertise at the intersection of business and history. Our unmatched combination of research and insights, standard-setting archives management and technology, and award-winning creative transforms a company’s inventory of experience—its history and heritage—into better performance and results. We’re a team of writers, researchers, curators, archivists, technologists, filmmakers, account managers, designers, production specialists, managers and leaders—all focused on our vision to make history infinitely useful in pursuit of our clients’ missions.


Meet the Team

Jennifer Andreola, C.A.

Lead Archivist, Description and Metadata Services

Michelle Banks

Director, Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

Rick Beller

Executive Counsel

Christy Bobo

Director of Client Development and Partnerships

Damion Boulden

Senior Director, Production

Sharille Buoy

Marketing Specialist

Charlotte Byrne

Staff Archivist

Verena Callahan

Creative Director

Andrew Campbell

Staff Archivist

Destiny Cobar

Staff Archivist

Tamera Coleman

Staff Archivist

Harley Davidson

Research Strategist

Nikole Delosier

Manager, Archives Operations

Jason Dressel


Fred D’Silva

Director, IT

Sara Eagin

Senior Manager, Creative Operations and Curatorial

Louis Earle

Director, Operations

Brittany Rubin

Account Manager

Adrian Gianforti

Director, Marketing and Communications

Peter Gianopulos

Creative Lead, Author

John Haffey

Director, Account Management

Rob Hampton

Senior Designer

Nick Hiebert

Associate Creative Director

Zack Hopkins

Senior Designer

Alex Johnson, C.A.

Senior Archivist

Justin Jones

System Administrator

Chris Juhasz, C.A.

Senior Director, Archives

Tesia Juraschek

Staff Archivist

Adam Kirshon

Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Koenig

Senior Archivist

Alexandra Krawetz

Research Strategist

Micah Lebowitz

Account Executive

Michael Leland

Vice President

Helen Macqueen

Manager, Archives Operations

Alan Maites

Chief Solutions Officer

Andrea Marshall


Kerry McAuliffe

Staff Archivist

Rowan Morrison


Erin Narloch

Senior Director, Business Insight and Performance

Jason Pauli

Video Editor

Melissa Reese

Account Manager

Katie Runyan

Associate Creative Director

Dario Sarlo

Group Creative Director

Tim Schantz

Executive Counsel

Ryan Szarwark


Tracy Ulmer

Senior Archivist

Melanie Stiles

Vice President, Client Development and Partnerships

Rod Vera

Senior Director, Design and Visual Identity

Peter Wilson-Tobin

Associate Creative Director

Paul Woolf

Director, Client Planning

Bruce Weindruch


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At History Factory, you’ll discover smart, fascinating people building creative ideas and doing interesting and unusual work—collecting, organizing, archiving and repurposing materials found deep within a company’s history. Together, we design creative ways to interpret the gems of authentic content we find in a company’s past to help chart its future.

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