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Looking Back Transforms
Your Future

For more than 40 years, History Factory has shown leading brands and corporations that their heritage isn’t just about the past. It’s about transforming the future–by turbo-charging strategy, brand positioning, marketing communications, internal communications and ultimately the performance of your content, communications and programs.

Your Company
Has a Unique Story

We Were Born to Tell It

We were the first to help clients realize the transformative power of their history. By utilizing content based on your unique heritage, History Factory can provide you with engaging, motivating stories no one else can tell.

Our History Is About
Improving Your Future

History Factory, originally known as Informative Design Group, was founded in 1979 with a simple philosophy: Use history as an informative communication tool.

In the ensuing decades, as more corporations learned the power and value of their histories, our services expanded to include:

What History Factory discovers and develops from your history can be integrated across a number of communication channels such as experiential events and exhibitions, publications, training modules, and customer engagement.

Use Your History to
Look Ahead

We Start With the Future
and Work Back

We realized early on that corporations could employ their most underused asset—their heritage—to achieve future success.

How? By focusing on long-term business goals and using historical assets to guide and support efforts to achieve them.

A Tale Worth Telling

When History Factory first worked with Brooks Brothers in the 1980s on an archiving project, America’s oldest clothier was a bit threadbare. Changes in ownership and a hasty expansion had played havoc with company morale. Product quality and sales were in tatters. With the help of History Factory, Brooks Brothers’ new owner resolved to leverage the company’s illustrious legacy to create a brand whose future was as glorious as its past.

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What It Takes to Get There


It’s the nature of our work. When you immerse yourself in the history of your clients’ business history—some spanning 100 years or more—you can’t help but develop a laser-like focus.


We find joy and excitement in exploring and preserving history. For us, nothing is more rewarding than discovering and developing stories that we know will engage customers and drive business results.


What sets us apart is our storytelling. We use imaginative techniques, across many platforms, to tell unique stories that inform, entertain, and motivate customers and employees alike.


Helping Our Clients Make History.
Every Day.

Our people are as diverse in their skills, origins and perspectives as our clients. Artists, writers, historians, curators and planners—they are all drawn by the chance to use the power of history to shape the future.


Bruce Weindruch

Founder & CEO

Bruce’s unique background, blending history and business, has given him insights that help major corporations, brands, nonprofit organizations, and associations use their historical resources to benefit their bottom line. Described by Forbes Magazine as the man who’s “Making History Pay,” Bruce travels the world helping top companies benefit from the field of corporate memory management which he helped create.

Scott McMurray

Vice President, Editorial

Scott writes books and conducts oral history interviews for key clients of History Factory, from national oil companies in the Middle East to global consulting firms, insurance companies, cable television pioneers, money managers, biotechnology companies and nonprofit health-care systems. Scott works with clients to help shape the editorial components of their heritage projects, including book-length histories, online content for employees as well as external audiences, and material supporting milestone advertising campaigns.

Rod Vera

Director of Design

Over the past 20 years, Rod has successfully assembled, guided and inspired teams of top design professionals in the United States and abroad to create high-profile thematic and branded experiences that enlighten and entertain. Whether they are stories of company brands, dramatized historic events or visualized narratives, they are designed to compel the audience to think and feel in new ways while leaving a lasting impression. Rod joined History Factory in 2019 after working with clients such as Coca-Cola, Twitter and Procter & Gamble, and most recently leading the project team responsible for the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

Adam Nemett

Creative Lead

Adam is often involved in all facets of History Factory’s creative solutions, from the initial client strategy, research and story-gathering phases, to developing unique storytelling vehicles, to authoring and producing publications, videos, websites, exhibits and custom digital experiences. As a result, he has served as creative director on major anniversary campaigns for clients, including Adobe Photoshop, Booz Allen Hamilton, CME Group, HarperCollins, New Balance, Pfizer and Whirlpool. He has also authored history books for City of Hope Medical Center, Discover Financial Services and Lockheed Martin, for which he won a PRSA Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation (2014).

Louis Earle

Operations Director

As Operations Director, Louis has streamlined the efficiencies of the organization by working with vendors, banks and clients in setting up the business operations for success. He is also known for the camaraderie he creates with the employees by organizing themed events, including happy hours, baby and wedding showers, and the annual holiday party. When not serving in these roles, he also plays company travel agent, helping team members get to where they need to be in order to meet our clients’ needs.

Sara Eagin

Senior Curator

As senior curator at History Factory, Sara concepts and executes exhibitions for clients, including everything from lobby entry panels to entire museums and digital exhibitions. Beyond exhibits, Sara concepts themes for anniversaries and sources images for websites, story palettes and publications. Sara has curated exhibits for HarperCollins, Ferguson Enterprises, Florida Power & Light and Zurich.

Paul Woolf

Director of Brand Marketing

Paul is driven to make sure every potential client and media contact knows who we are and the full extent of what we do. In addition to driving our marketing, Paul supports various clients with strategic planning and ideas gleaned from over 30 years of working with some of the world’s greatest and most challenging brands, both in Europe and the United States.

Corrie Commisso

Director of Insight and Creative Strategy

Part ad agency creative and part digital archivist, Corrie cut her teeth as a writer and creative director in the ad industry, working with clients in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors and serving as a core contributor to industry think tanks researching gender-based and generational marketing trends. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree in archives and special collections and has collaborated with numerous high-profile collections, including the archives of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Billy Joel and Chicago radio personality Studs Terkel. Her combined experience as a creative storyteller, researcher, archivist and global project leader make her uniquely well-suited to bridge History Factory’s archival and creative efforts, ensuring alignment of our client’s business objectives, historical insights, and creative opportunities.

Tim Schantz

Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer

Tim shows current and prospective clients the power and potential of a corporate archives and how they can develop proactive content solutions to meet their objectives. He is also focused on building value through research, which lies at the intersection of the firm’s capabilities in consulting, creative and archives. Tim believes in History Factory’s unique business model of serving clients’ heritage first with an eye toward an identifiable ROI.

Ryan Szarwark


Ryan’s industrial and product design knowledge brings a unique perspective to History Factory. Through past agency and cooperative study work, he has participated in a wide range of projects for clients such as Fossil, Starbucks, NBC Universal and more. His passion for user experience and design visualization, from concept to execution, informs every part of the creative process.

Brian Long

Senior Director of Information and Digital Technology

Brian uses his background developing content and technology solutions to help clients leverage their history to realize future value at digital scale. As a media technologist, Brian has driven digital transformation for organizations from Fortune Global 500 corporations to stealth startups. He has led cross-disciplinary teams of producers, designers, content strategists, media engineers and software developers in building subscription video streaming services; multiplatform, multimedia content pipelines; and distributed content-aware editorial platforms. Brian believes “what’s past is prologue” and that solutions that efficiently enable access to a company’s corporate archives are the keys to future competitive advantage. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Emory University and an MBA in international business with a cybersecurity focus from The George Washington University.

Nicole Souza

Production Manager

Nicole brings a passion for history and love of exhibits to History Factory. After traveling the Mediterranean during the summer of 2013, she decided to pursue a career in storytelling and earned a master’s in museum studies from The George Washington University in 2017. Nicole has helped bring projects to life for the Smithsonian Institution, the 9/11 Memorial Museum and Danville Science Center. As production manager, she works with our fabrication and technology partners to help turn each project into a reality.

Caelin Niehoff

Account Executive

Caelin leads organizations through the development of creative solutions, from brand campaigns and communications plans to publications and websites. She first came to History Factory in 2015 as a writer, and her editorial background continues to inform how she approaches problem-solving. As an account executive, she manages teams of authors, designers and researchers who help organizations translate the proof points of their past into possibilities for the future.

Samantha Throgmorton

Staff Archivist

Samantha began her journey toward archiving while interning at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada. She fell in love with archiving and decided to pursue master’s degrees in archives management and history. While in graduate school, Samantha earned valuable hands-on archival experience as an intern for the Boston Red Sox archives.  Samantha’s favorite part of archiving is being able to help clients tell their stories, remember where they started, and use the past to inspire their future.

Jill Neidorf

Senior Account Director

Jill’s background within the marketing and advertising space, running both global and national brands, gives her unique insight into the development of clients’ programs at History Factory. Having worked across multiple marketing disciplines and a variety of industries, Jill has the crucial ability to see both the big picture as well as the steps needed to achieve the desired results.

Michael Leland

Vice President

Michael advises clients on how to best use their history as a business asset. He works with clients to help them make informed decisions about how to approach, plan and implement heritage-based initiatives and projects. Michael supports new clients in crafting strategic approaches for first engagements, and since 1995 has helped the world’s top companies leverage their history.

Zack Hopkins


Zack’s background in graphic design and documentary production has given him the opportunity to design for many different applications, including print and digital publications, presentations, infographics, websites, and interactives. His work is supported by an interest in typography and branding design, as well as infographic and user experience design.

Sarah French

Staff Archivist

History has been a lifelong passion for Sarah: She has visited historic sites and museums across the country. She curated her first museum exhibit at 16 and went on to earn master’s degrees in archives management and history. Sarah loves that through her work as an archivist, she gets to uncover pieces of companies’ past and ensure that they aren’t forgotten.

Rob Hampton

Senior Designer

Rob blends historical art with fresh ideas to create a bold corporate communications vehicle that is timeless and professional, and that connects with audiences. His unique background allows him to utilize graphic arts in combination with a sense of three-dimensional space to create authentic interactive experiences. Rob has produced a wide range of designs for clients, from anniversary branding and publications to exhibit master plans for clients such as HarperCollins, AEP, Sherwin-Williams and Pacific Life.

Jessica Koenig

Staff Archivist

Jessica comes to History Factory after working as an environmental consultant and proposal manager. When deciding to change careers, she drew upon her lifelong love of libraries, the University of Virginia’s special collections, and watching her mom research their family history and meticulously preserve, organize, and catalog her stamp collection. She earned her Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Kentucky in 2018 and completed internships with the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration as well as two Northern Virginia city and county archives. She enjoys the tangible results of processing collections to make them accessible and usable by clients. With her experience in marketing and proposal development, she is excited by the mission of preserving and using companies’ history, stories, and records to shape and support their future goals.

Paul Stewart


Paul joins us from the National Museum of American History, where he honed his research skills and developed new educational activities for museum visitors. He brings passion and focus to each project at the History Factory, working to uncover authentic content and rediscover forgotten voices. Paul has a bachelor’s degree in history from American University and a lifelong passion for theater, having worked in the past as a freelance dramaturg to contextualize history for actors and audience alike.

Eden Slone


Eden developed a passion for curation after falling in love with museums at a young age, eventually receiving her master’s in museum studies from The George Washington University. Prior to joining History Factory as associate curator, she worked at the National Park Service and the Smithsonian Office of Visitor Services. Eden develops content and curates creative deliverables including exhibits, websites and oral history programs. Her myriad previous experiences and passion for history guide her as she uses authentic content to effectively communicate clients’ history.

Amanda Strukus

Staff Archivist

Amanda discovered her love for archives while earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography. She visited various archives and museums around New York City and then decided to pursue her Master of Library and Information Sciences with a concentration in Archives Management. Amanda has gained archives experience working at the New London County Historical Society, the University of Massachusetts Amherst Special Collections and University Archives, and the nonprofit organization Salzburg Global Seminar. While developing skills in processing, digitization and metadata creation, she discovered the importance of preserving the history of people, organizations and events so that information will be available for generations to come. She enjoys each time she goes through a new collection and learns new information about the past.

John Haffey

Account Manager

From project planning and strategy to execution and implementation, John helps brands find—and tell—a story that’s uniquely theirs. Originally from the New York area, John comes to History Factory having worked for startups in the digital media and financial technology industries. John orchestrates teams of writers, designers, researchers and other creative professionals to help ensure campaign success from start to finish.

Jennifer Wiley, C.A.

Senior Archivist

Jennifer’s lifelong love of history and cultural heritage led her to a career in archiving after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in classics and a Master of Library and Information Sciences degree with a joined Certificate of Advanced Study in Cultural Heritage Preservation. Her passion for this field comes from a deep appreciation for the value of primary sources in documenting history. Her background includes work with small historical societies as well as large government agencies. She believes every story deserves to be told and preserved. Her skills in processing, cataloging and researching physical and digital collections ensure that each client’s history is well preserved and easily accessible.

Brittany Gellerman

Account Executive

Brittany has a passion for building relationships and bridging the gap between a company’s history and their future successes. In her role, she coordinates internal teams to exceed client expectations with deliverables, supports new business opportunities, and assists with marketing and thought leadership activities. Brittany is also the event producer for the agency’s annual Anniversary Marketing Summit, a program focused on providing marketing leaders everything they need to build successful anniversary campaigns.

Jason Dressel

Managing Director, Client Strategy & Development

Since joining History Factory in 1999, Jason has worked with dozens of clients on all kinds of engagements spanning the agency’s spectrum of capabilities. He works closely with clients and prospective clients to help them “Start With the Future and Work Back” to achieve their goals, and leads many of History Factory’s thought leadership initiatives.

Helen Macqueen

Staff Archivist

Helen’s passion for history can be traced back to childhood visits to museums with her family. Helen followed her passion to Washington, D.C., where she received a master’s degree in museum collections management from The George Washington University. Helen’s experience in museums, both large and small, has added a unique perspective to the archives team. Helen finds significant value in helping maintain the collections and archives of History Factory’s clientele.

Sarah Wilds


Sarah’s background in public history and digital humanities offers valuable insight in mining clients’ archives for unique stories and assets. She enjoys collaborating with teams to produce content banks and other storytelling initiatives that connect audiences to their histories and bring forward untold knowledge. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Vermont and a Master of Arts in public history from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Peter Gianopulos

Creative Lead, Author

Peter’s diverse experience in the publishing industry—including magazine journalism, oral history projects, PR work, web writing and corporate ghostwriting—has deeply influenced his approach to content creation. He is a story architect committed to crafting content that realizes client goals and appeals to targeted readerships. Whether collaborating with large institutions and law firms on multi-faceted corporate heritage projects or working one-on-one with CEOs to ghostwrite autobiographies and thought-leadership books, he believes in the power of authenticity and the importance of capturing both the ethos of corporate cultures and the pathos of individual employee experiences.

Claire Clemmons

Staff Archivist

Claire’s training and experience in archives and digitization give her the tools to help clients use their own history to develop their future endeavors. Claire’s work as an archivist feeds her love of history, and she enjoys spending her days processing, arranging and cataloging a company’s collection.

Michael Clauss

Senior Archivist

As a senior archivist, Michael works on various archival projects and mentors team archivists and associate archivists. Michael has primary responsibility over numerous archival accounts. He also has led the processing, cataloging and research projects for the following corporate archives: USAA, TIAA-CREF, Guardian Life Insurance Company, Staples, Altec and Edward Jones.

Verena Calas

Associate Creative Lead

As an Associate Creative Lead at History Factory, Verena concepts and executes exhibitions for clients, including informational panels and technology pieces. Beyond exhibits, Verena provides research support for anniversary projects and sources images for websites and publications.

Tracy Ulmer

Senior Archivist

A Certified Archivist, Tracy is determined to preserve her clients’ cultural heritage, both physically and intellectually, for future use, without losing sight of or contact with their rich and varied pasts. Tracy’s interest in history makes her work processing and cataloging archival materials, preparing materials for digitization, and completing research requests all the more enjoyable.

Sam Grabel

Marketing Manager & Writer

Before landing at History Factory, Sam traveled extensively in Europe and Asia while working as an English teacher. Since his arrival in 2015, he has worked as a researcher and writer and now is the marketing manager. Sam puts his research skills to the test to uncover long-forgotten episodes in history that he effectively weaves into our clients’ overall stories. In his spare time, you can find Sam enjoying live music on a weekly basis.

Alex Johnson

Staff Archivist

Hired to start work on an extensive project in Jersey City, Alex has also been able to process and build a digital archives for several clients. She is interested in the preservation of collective memory and history, and believes that the changing technological landscape has a lasting impact on the archives profession.

Dario Sarlo

Creative Lead

Dario’s background as a storyteller across multiple media has given him the passion and insight to contribute throughout History Factory’s unique creative process. His expertise extends from devising and leading campaign and creative strategies to interviewing executives on camera and writing copy and video scripts, ardently pushing the envelope with virtual reality and digital concepts. Viva la Revolution!

Marissa Piette

Senior Director, Client Services

Marissa’s role is focused on providing an exceptional client experience and delivering History Factory’s best-in-class authentic content strategies and solutions to clients. Marissa has worked with leading organizations including BlackRock, the NFL, Verizon, Pacific Life, Sherwin-Williams, Southwest Airlines and Bridgestone to harness the power of authentic content in their businesses.

Emilia Mahaffey, C.A.

Senior Archivist

Emilia is interested in making accessible records in a variety of formats and on a variety of topics, so that everyone can find a connection to history. Most recently, Emilia has been working on an extensive project in Jersey City that allows her to make the records of a large financial firm, both physical and digital, accessible to internal users.

Jennifer Andreola, C.A.

Senior Archivist

Jenn has nearly a decade and a half of experience working as an archivist for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, accrediting institutes, medical societies and the federal government. Daily duties include accessioning, arrangement and description, preservation, reference requests, digitization, and vendor and project management. These duties play a major role in assisting corporate communicators to repurpose their advertising assets to help strengthen their brand.

Rick Beller

Global President & COO

Rick is focused on securing the talent, strategies, and scalability needed to grow domestically and internationally. His client work emphasizes alignment between each client’s business and communications objectives and firm solutions. He has served as executive sponsor and strategist for many clients, including USAA, Zurich North America, Sherwin-Williams, BlackRock, Graybar, Lockheed Martin, HarperCollins, and Deloitte. Rick has a BA from Harvard and is a John Harvard Scholar and Michael J. Rockefeller Memorial Fellow.

Alan Maites

Executive Vice President

Alan is focused on our clients and their goals throughout a program’s entire life cycle, driving growth through sound strategic planning and superior creative execution. Alan brings three decades of experience and insights with clients including Verizon, Deloitte, KPMG, McDonald’s, Jim Beam, Discover Financial, Harley-Davidson, DuPont, American Express, Nestlé and more.

Chris Juhasz, C.A.

Managing Archivist

As History Factory’s archives lead, Chris drives archival implementation projects, interfaces with clients to promote clear and consistent program visions, and coaches archival program development methods and processes. Chris is focused on building lasting relationships with clients by helping them make good decisions about archival issues. To ensure that architectures and solutions represent sound directions for clients, Chris conducts critical analyses of needs and expectations, and provides appropriate recommendations and strategies rooted in archival practice.

Damion Boulden

Director of Production

With two decades of project and production management under his belt, Damion leverages his exceptional experience to deliver the authentic vision and messaging of History Factory’s clients. In addition to leading projects and teams, he also oversees the production of our best-in-class museum, tech, web and publication deliverables. Damion has worked with leading organizations such as AEP, Nationwide, Verizon, New Balance, Harley Davidson, the Smithsonian Institution and many others.