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Storytelling with purpose

People are 22 times more likely to remember and internalize a well-told story than bullet points of facts or figures. Why? A well-crafted and engaging story has tension, with compelling characters overcoming obstacles to success.

A company’s journey is filled with such elements. These obstacles are often what push the business forward, spur innovation or create change.

Your end goal will define the story you tell. Do you want to define your brand’s purpose? Reinforce a value proposition for your employees? Stories can drive transformational outcomes both internally and externally.

Developed over many years, our StoryARC™ methodology offers a proven way to craft stories that achieve better results. Inspired by classic storytelling techniques and narrative structures, learn how our clients have illuminated new aspects of their companies and brands.

Ways storytelling can help:

  • Oral history programs
  • Content banks of approved stories for use across multiple channels
  • Long-form narrative content
  • Development of vision, mission and values