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Get the Word Out

Writing a publication about your company isn’t easy, especially if you want to create a compelling story based on authentic content instead of a boring chronology of facts and dates.

Through decades of producing award-winning corporate communications, including history books, e-books and senior management memoirs, we’ve developed a process that ensures you’ll meet your deadlines and your goals. This proven process helps you understand:

  • Why you want a publication
  • What the publication will do
  • Who will read it
  • Why it matters

Over the years, we’ve learned that there is no substitute for the unique talents of experienced history writers. As specialists in constructing narratives and storylines from your authentic content, our historians create memorable publications that help companies achieve their goals.

Let’s write a new chapter of your history together.

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We are specialists in using authentic content to highlight clients’ achievements and inspire future success. History Factory has pioneered a number of ways to discover, preserve, display and harness your corporate heritage to help you reach your business goals.