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Weill Cornell Medicine

A Publication Brings to Life a Pivotal Moment in Higher Education

History Factory worked with Weill Cornell Medicine, the world-renowned medical college associated with Cornell University, to document the founding of Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, the first medical school in Qatar and the first that provided a U.S.-accredited medical education outside of the United States. University leadership wanted to document the program’s rise, differentiate it from other centers in the region, and thank key stakeholders and participants in the charter program.

History Factory filmed multiple oral history sessions and conducted additional interviews focused on the program’s history and participants’ experiences. A highlight reel synthesized more than 25 hours of interview footage into a compelling chronicle of Weill Cornell’s formation and role in helping transform Qatar’s economy. We then worked with the Qatar Foundation’s board of directors and Weill Cornell Medicine leadership to produce an image-rich publication as a gift to stakeholders.

“Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar: Global Pioneers in Healthcare” and the accompanying video content are valuable marketing and communications tools that illustrate the intersection of philanthropy, government and private business to attract students, professors and investors. The book and video content were well-received by both the Qatar Foundation and Weill Cornell Medicine, resulting in an additional engagement to produce oral histories with faculty and leadership of the Salzburg-Weill Cornell Seminars, a joint venture between Weill Cornell and the American Austrian Foundation.

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