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Exhibits & Experiences

Make Your Message Immersive

Creating a compelling visitor experience can be daunting. So many questions need to be addressed:

  • How do you curate an exhibit that elicits action through powerful storytelling?
  • Is the exhibit flexible and modular or fixed and immovable?
  • Can updates be done easily and remotely, or are custom refits and overhauls required?
  • Will the exhibit be high-tech? How much interactivity is desired?
  • Will the content calendar affect how often it is refreshed?
  • How can you tell whether visitors are engaged?

With 40 years’ experience, History Factory has the answers. We approach exhibit and brand experience challenges differently from other companies. True engagement comes from a combination of substance and sizzle. We lead with your authentic content, leveraging our world-class research and curatorial capabilities. We then bring it all to life with a compelling story enhanced by an engaging design that effectively applies digital and/or physical interactivity to build intrigue throughout.

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We are specialists in using authentic content to highlight clients’ achievements and inspire future success. History Factory has pioneered a number of ways to discover, preserve, display and harness your corporate heritage to help you reach your business goals.