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Form and Function Unite in a Headquarters Exhibit for the Digital Age

Infoblox, an IT security and automation company based in Silicon Valley, is an industry leader in Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP Address Management (IPAM) services, which are known collectively as DDI. In 2012, Infoblox moved into a new corporate headquarters. Its leaders hoped to build a permanent exhibit that authentically illustrated its history and continuing emphasis on innovation. This goal laid the framework for the exhibit.

History Factory began by conducting interviews and working sessions with Infoblox’s leaders and other stakeholders. We used the insights gained to develop stories that would speak to key audiences and align with Infoblox’s messages and goals, as well as to craft a conceptual design and message maps. The engagement culminated in the production and installation of a museum-quality exhibit at Infoblox’s headquarters.

The new headquarters exhibit is inspired by Infoblox’s area of expertise, server room racks and other elements, complete with lit glass encasements, multi-layered graphics, and thousands of feet of brand-colored Cat 5 network cable hung overhead. The exhibit functions as a component of new employee onboarding, an education tool for potential investors and customers, and a space for large employee gatherings.