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American Electric Power

A Publication and High-Tech Exhibit Showcase Energy Leadership

In the late 20th and early 21st century, American Electric Power (AEP), a leading U.S. energy company, made a conscious shift from nonrenewable energy sources to renewable energy with the addition of wind and solar generation. In tandem with the company’s new direction came a brand refresh unifying its branches under one visual identity, as well as new messaging highlighting the directional change. To assist with the transition, AEP leadership approached History Factory to update the company’s narrative inside its Ohio headquarters and in a long-form publication.

History Factory worked with AEP to tell its unique story and highlight its innovative role within the utility industry, starting in the lobby. The new lobby exhibit is portable and interactive, with 37 pods containing touchscreen and static information and graphics. The centerpiece of the exhibit is “The World of AEP,” a wall of 26 interactive video monitors sharing a wealth of information about the company, its regional utilities and its subsidiaries. AEP also contracted History Factory to write a comprehensive history of the company. “Boundless Energy” is a 200-page history that takes a deep look at how AEP shaped the utility industry and how its employees have helped the company grow and thrive.

AEP’s new brand identity and renewable energy focus are now front and center for the 2,000 employees working in the Columbus headquarters, as well as visitors. As a symbol of AEP’s commitment to its employees, the company sent a copy of “Boundless Energy,” accompanied by a personal note from the CEO, to every employee. This gesture served as an additional way to share AEP’s history outside of the lobby exhibit and strengthen internal morale.

  • AEP Engagement AEP’s interactive touch wall uses multimedia elements to highlight the past and future of the brand’s story and identity.