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Sub-Zero Group Strengthening Brand Perception

Strengthening Brand Perception and Fostering Enduring Loyalty in a Competitive Marketing Landscape

Sub-Zero Group, Inc. and History Factory partnered to create “Substance + Luxury,” a publication designed to extend the company’s brand experience beyond its campus in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. A silver metallic lettering debossed into a silky-smooth “soft touch” hardcover, along with high-end print and bindery techniques, ensure that the experience of reading the book mirrors that of using a Sub-Zero appliance. The book serves as a tangible and story-driven expression of the brand for employees, partners, and campus visitors. Notably, the target audience includes chefs, renowned kitchen designers, and architects, all pivotal influencers for the brand and products. Reinforcing the company’s brand values, rich history and ongoing commitment to innovation, the publication:

  • Encompasses the Innovation Center, Fitchburg campus experience and beyond
  • Complements and reinforces the broader Sub-Zero brand perception
  • Celebrates Sub-Zero’s story and brand values
  • Vividly illustrates Sub-Zero’s spirit of innovation and continually pioneering advancements in luxury home appliances

The Inception of Sub-Zero: Uncovering the Captivating Story of How It All Began

In 2020, Sub-Zero Group, Inc. engaged History Factory to document its immersive campus experience and showcase its storied history. As part of this collaboration, we aimed to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of Sub-Zero’s legacy while highlighting the innovation and values that define the company’s ethos.

Sub-Zero founder Westye Bakke began experimenting with refrigeration in the 1930s, hoping to develop a more reliable way to store his son’s insulin at a consistent temperature. From these pioneering efforts, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company was born on Aug. 20, 1945, in Madison, Wisconsin. Sub-Zero’s brands epitomize meaningful luxury, characterized by refined craftsmanship and specialized appliances that elevate everyday experiences. 

Sub-Zero Campus Visits Offer an Extension of Its Brand

As part of the book’s creation, it was crucial to capture and preserve Sub-Zero’s legacy. “Substance + Luxury” serves as a tangible embodiment of the company’s journey, allowing current and future generations to immerse themselves in its rich history, innovative spirit and commitment to excellence. By documenting the campus experience and showcasing its heritage in a comprehensive publication, Sub-Zero has ensured that its legacy will remain vividly preserved and accessible to all who encounter it.

Visiting the Sub-Zero campus is an immersive and tasty journey—one we aimed to mirror in the book’s structure. Each chapter follows a roughly linear timeline and takes you to a different location on campus, connecting relevant threads from the past with the future of manufacturing, innovation and more to show how Sub-Zero adds substance to luxury.

Turning History Into Results

As an extension of the campus experience, each visitor receives a copy of “Substance + Luxury,” an invitation to continue their visit by experiencing Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove through an additional lens. 

“Substance + Luxury” serves as a powerful tool for strengthening brand perception, educating consumers and building customer loyalty in a competitive market landscape. The publication:

  • Enhances consumer engagement and perception of the brand’s innovation. The book portrays Sub-Zero Group as an innovative company that values consumer input, engages with influencers and effectively addresses real-world challenges.
  • Displays empowerment through technology. The book also highlights the technological advantages of Sub-Zero products.
  • Shows transparency in product development. Readers gain insight into the meticulous testing processes each Sub-Zero product undergoes before reaching the market, fostering trust and confidence in the brand’s reliability and performance.
  • Strengthens global brand representation. By spotlighting international showrooms and the luxurious experiences they offer, the publication reinforces Sub-Zero’s global presence.

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