In his role as a senior designer at History Factory, Zack has the honor of leading the charge on a wide variety of design endeavors across digital, print and 3D projects. He has a knack for solving complex problems and a perpetual desire to create new and useful applications for our clients’ rich heritage. Cutting-edge interactives and websites are his passion. If you have an hour to spare, ask him whether he prefers gesture control or touchscreens (spoiler alert: It depends!).

“Design is more than just a pretty arrangement of letters and graphics—it’s synonymous with creative problem-solving. At History Factory, we take pride in designing thoughtfully and with purpose!”

When Zack isn’t busy scrutinizing every last pixel of a web design project, you may find him talking his coworkers’ ears off or thinking up bad puns. Whether he’s in a brainstorm with his team or a project kickoff with a client, Zack works best when everyone is happy, informed and comfortable.