Dr. Alexandra Krawetz (she/her) distills data from the past and present to create tomorrow’s stories. As a research strategist, Alexandra illuminates brand heritage and generates actionable insights for clients. Collaborating with History Factory’s team, she shapes History Factory’s methodologies, pushing the boundaries of corporate history and brand strategy to drive results.

“Leveraging the power of the humanities to research brands generates a deep understanding of customers and cultural contexts for our clients.”

Before joining History Factory, Alexandra worked in academia as a pop culture historian, earning her PhD from Yale University in music history. She presented her research in person and virtually in Asia, Europe, and North America. Projects traversed topics from multi-sensory retail to public health and childhood to safety and responsible tech. As an American-Canadian who grew up in Michigan, went to undergrad in Texas, and resides on the East Coast, Alexandra appreciates getting to know new places.