Before joining History Factory in 2019, Harley lived and worked in Kansas and Germany as an academic historian and freelance writer. He leverages the rigor and attention to detail of the academic world to serve our clients, distilling vast amounts of historical data into actionable insights. Harley works closely with every History Factory team to unearth and deploy unique facets of clients’ pasts that authenticate their current and future directions.

“Electric: There’s no better word to describe the feeling when we uncover a unique part of our clients’ history that unlocks a new world of possibilities for them.”

As a researcher on History Factory’s business insight and performance team, Harley gathers and analyzes clients’ documentary past, interviews key stakeholders and develops unique storytelling frameworks. He takes an active role in evolving History Factory’s methodologies and products, helping ensure that we continue exceeding client expectations and live up to our lofty standards of integrity and creativity. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and reading too many long fantasy series.