After a successful career in environmental engineering, Jessica chased her childhood dream of becoming a librarian. On that path, she discovered archives—specifically the challenge and importance of providing access to archival collections. With her analytical mind and love of solving puzzles, Jessica arranges and describes archival collections based on a critical understanding of their scope and purpose to ensure maximum value to users.

“To preserve your history, you need an archives. But to be able to effectively access and use that history, you need an archivist.”

A certified archivist, Jessica applies industry standards within the context of client-specific priorities to create user pathways for archival content discovery, whether serendipitous or intentional, and develops policies for History Factory’s clients to responsibly build, manage and use their archives. She also applies her scientific data analysis background for more efficient and accurate completion of archival tasks. She is often overheard muttering: “There’s an Excel formula for this.” When not obsessing over collection access, Jessica can be found rescuing another cat or buying another houseplant.