As a curator, Andrea spends most days feeling like a detective, an alchemist and Indiana Jones rolled into one. The thrill of her job is in diving headfirst into clients’ stories until she understands them inside and out. Thanks to her master’s degree in museum studies, a past career managing exhibit production and fabrication for national museums, and a stint as a museum exhibit blogger (because she’s a millennial), she specializes in exhibits.

“Digging into a client’s story is like spelunking in history. Unearthing a ‘golden nugget’ truly feels like striking gold. It’s this wild moment of clarity and feels like finding a story that demands to be told.”

To every project she works on, Andrea brings an eye for visitor experience, a desire to balance cutting-edge technology and timeless exhibitry, and a love of research that’s probably attributable to Hermione Granger or Lisbeth Salander. When she’s not reading for work, she’s usually reading for fun. We dare you to ask her about the Industrial Revolution.