An MBA who sees the world like an MFA, Nick brings an artful approach to driving business results at History Factory. With more than a decade of strategy and writing work to his name, he delivers big ideas and crisp copy to every project.

Nick’s diverse client list and tapestry of experience—with a Big Four accounting firm and consultancy, a mission-driven nonprofit, a cricket protein company and more—have given him a unique perspective: one that starts with the client’s goals and ends with a brand narrative that always sticks its landing.

“Every great story is anchored in a human truth. It’s our role as storytellers to be compassionate and dogged in getting to that truth.”

Born in Washington, D.C., educated in Colorado, New York and the Bay Area, and now living in Wisconsin, Nick’s happy place is at the intersection of branding and social change—or on a bike saddle and the open road.