A brand like no other deserves an archival platform like no other.

Discover how History Factory AMS is uniquely suited for your organization's archival needs.

Your brand’s heritage is unlike any other, which makes it valuable to your organization. But how are you supposed to unleash the power of that history if your records are locked up in disorderly storage closets, scattered across different locations, or saved on individual hard drives?

In order to mine your brand’s history for its value, you need a one-of-a-kind platform that puts the power of your organization’s legacy right in your hands so that you and your team can access it wherever and whenever.

All your records at your fingertips.

History Factory AMS is the first and only hybrid platform that combines cutting-edge archival collection management with the user-friendly features of state-of-the-art digital asset management.

Powerful search

Browse both physical and digital collections from one interface.

Use intuitive AI technology to quickly find files.

Use simple language search terms.

Versatile collection

Intake large amounts of assets quickly.

Scale to handle any size collection.

Easily upload and annotate for archiving and preservation.

Secure access for all

Track the location and metadata of your physical assets.

Control access to archived documents, images and videos. 

Pin frequently searched words and create your own personal collection of assets.

View videos and PDFs right on the platform—no downloads.

Online portal is encrypted and SOC 2 compliant with secure sign-on

Sharing made simple

Securely share assets with teammates.

Send born digital content as easy as drag-and-drop.

Share directly to social with point and click formatting tools.

Download the AMS Fact Sheet

Find out what AMS can do for your teams.

Everyone and anyone whose assignments rely on or reference their organization’s corporate memory can benefit from AMS. That includes individuals at all levels of your organization, including human resources, R&D, legal, sales, marketing, communications, and PR.

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