Celebrating a Happy Anniversary and Many, Many Happy Archivists 

The video quotes archival professionals managing corporate and brand collections who have experienced how History Factory’s AMS (archive management services) platform has revolutionized their work. It’s like if your company transitioned directly from Microsoft Windows 3 to Microsoft 365.

Yes, History Factory AMS is a game-changing technology, but it also says a lot about the challenges facing the archival field. Many archival professionals are working with ridiculously limited or outdated tools because the unique needs of the field and the craft are nuanced and not widely understood. 

As the head of an archives department in a Fortune 100 company shared with us this year when referring to his leadership, [‘they] don’t really understand what we do or what we need to be able to do it. They just want the magic to happen.’ 

We see you and we hear you, friend. That’s why our team built History Factory AMS.  Because the tools available to these unsung heroes managing large amounts of information and assets for their organizations are old. And just because archivists are managing artifacts doesn’t mean they want to be using one to do their job. 

As we celebrate the first year of AMS technology transforming the way we do our archival business, we wanted to share our appreciation with this video.

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