Washington, DC — Heritage management agency pioneer The History Factory has added Lisa Alonge to its team. Alonge is the founder of the Corporate Anniversary Forum, the only event dedicated to bringing together world-class organizations to share insights and best practices for leveraging a significant anniversary. “Lisa has been a fellow traveler in our space…

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WASHINGTON, May 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Start with the Future and Work Back (Hamilton Books) offers a unique and insightful look at how leading global organizations are leveraging their heritage assets to drive real business advantage. Author Bruce Weindruch is founder and CEO of The History Factory, the firm credited with launching the “heritage management”…

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Would you like a free trip to Whitehall Palace? What’s the catch? It burned down in 1698. https://t.co/TUYLXAedcu via @MuseumNext

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