The Pioneers of Heritage Management

Since 1979, we have helped the world’s most successful and innovative organizations understand and harness their unique inventories of experiences.

History is awe-inspiring and enduring. We’re all touched by it, and every day we’re part of its ongoing journey. Understanding what has been is key to imagining and unlocking what will be.

The History Factory has discovered that the world’s most competitive enterprises share our appreciation for the past and its value and relevance to their future. We’re proud that heritage management is now a widely recognized and accepted resource for leveraging the collective memory of organizations—the stories told, the words used, and their commonly understood meanings—to help implement strategies and tactics that shape the future.

While your history may be known, your future is unwritten. You’ll find no better partner than The History Factory to help leverage your organization’s history in ways you may never have imagined.

Our Mission

Transform our shared passion for the power of history into meaningful, actionable and long-lasting benefits for appreciative clients.

Our Values

It’s all about our clients.
We work with integrity.
We work with passion.
We work selflessly.
We work creatively.
We work respectfully.
We have fun.

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