Chiron’s CEO wanted to give employees a book chronicling Chiron’s history as a way of honoring their hard work and letting them know their contributions were appreciated.


When The History Factory began working with Chiron in 2005, the biotechnology firm had recently learned that it was being acquired by another company. With the acquisition imminent, The History Factory’s writers and researchers worked quickly to interview Chiron current and former leaders and employees and find newspaper clippings, photographs and memorabilia from Chiron’s past. Within months, Chiron: A Quarter Century of Pioneering Science was in the hands of Chiron employees and stakeholders around the world.


The 300-page, richly detailed and colorfully illustrated book told Chiron’s story with warmth and authority, giving the thousands of people who worked for Chiron over the years a compelling reminder of the company’s proud past and tangible evidence that their accomplishments would live on in the future

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