Kronos Archives

In 2013, The History Factory was approached by a consulting firm working on behalf of the former mayor of one of the largest cities in the United States. They were seeking the application of our strategic and tactical expertise in heritage management to design and develop the former mayor’s photo and digital archives. Armed with our methodologies and led by our team of senior archivists, The History Factory advised our client regarding appropriate content strategies including discovery, collection and taxonomy. We then appraised and selected nearly 200,000 digital assets from more than a million available. The result was a practical, world-class photo and digital archives covering the period of the mayor’s term.

Based on the success of the digital archives program, in 2015 our consulting client requested our support for a large philanthropic institution eager to capture, interpret and share its authentic stories. Working in collaboration, The History Factory developed the strategic approach for capturing the rich inventory of experience of the organization, building compelling narratives to inform broad communications, and prioritizing communications tactics to ensure the end client’s heritage stories were effectively shared with target audiences to compel action.

The History Factory believes that heritage matters and our success for over 35 years is measured by the application of heritage management expertise to “make something happen.” In this spirit, we are flattered that our commitment to sharing our experience and educating our former client in heritage management best practices and implementation has inspired their principals to now launch an independent archives and heritage firm under the name of Kronos Archives.

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