After fully renovating its corporate headquarters, UniGroup, Inc., the agent-owned parent company of United Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, and other subsidiaries, dedicated a 1,500 square foot space to house an exhibit that would showcase the unique history and future vision of the company.


Through careful planning and extensive research, The History Factory produced an exhibit space that authentically shared the organization’s story. From highlighting the character of independent agents and home office staff to honoring its trucking and logistics innovation tradition to showcasing the breadth of products Unigroup’s companies have transported around the world, the exhibit space is a dynamic presentation of where the enterprise has been and where it is going.


While the organization is highly decentralized and the agencies operate independently of one another, UniGroup places great emphasis on giving all agents a voice. It was therefore critical that all agents be given the opportunity to be represented in the exhibit. To that end, we designed an interactive experience through which agents could submit their own stories and have them play on two interactive touchscreen displays housed within the exhibit. This approach enabled all agents to personalize and control the story they shared as part of the broader, collective UniGroup experience.

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